Flag Workshops Conferences and Virtual Lessons

During this down time we can reach out beyond our borders via internet and worship and learn together~!! Colleen is worship minister, and certified Master Flag Instructor from Shachah ministries since 1999. She would love to meet with other worshippers for Virtural Gatherings. She can train in every type of flag rudiment (4 levels) with interpretive scriptures for starting a Flag Company that can flag dance in unison and anointing! Fast twirling batons and flex rod flags as well as streamers, and tambourine. Join Colleen Kosti with your computer or smart phone for Virtual Flag workshop…to do flags – refresh your Spirit – Soul and Body – get your spirit renewed and refreshed with creative movement with flags, silks, streamers and timbrel.

This is the time to REACH out and unify!  Please contact Colleen or schedule a session.

Contact us here at the website to join a live session : https://spiritofexcellence.ca/work…/creative-movement-flags/ or the booking link below

use this coupon TRY-FLAGS – FOR A NO COST VIRTUAL FLAG SESSION use coupon TRY-FLAGS pick a date from the weekly schedule and register here at: https://spiritofexcellence.as.me/VirtualFlagsession

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