You Can Help Shape A Diamond

Diamonds, the most valuable gems in the world, are mined from raw ore. The ore is crushed, the diamonds extracted, and then a process of cutting, polishing, and arranging takes place. The result is a dazzling display of beauty, as the diamond’s inherent worth is evident for the entire world to see!

At Spirit of Excellence, we believe that every person is a diamond possessing tremendous inherent worth. Our goal is to bring out their dazzling potential as we Inspire a Life of Excellence!

All donations will receive an Income Tax Receipt CRA Charity # 88310 6809 RR0001

Your donation will benefit and support the children, women and creative artists that Spirit of Excellence supports through mentoring relationships, and training and the necessary materials and supplies for the courses, as well as Healthy Meals program “Nourish to Flourish” feeding Spirit-Soul-Body”

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