From the Ivy Courtyard we made this little video playing the Cajon Box.  Even in the midst of the CoVid 19 virus – we have peace and enjoying the time to spread some peace through music.  We gathered a few spectators from afar – as the one fence is down, opening up the courtyard in view from the close by Seniors Home.  They seemed to really enjoy the drumming and flags my wife and I did with the sun shining down on us.  Hope you enjoy this video and here is an update on JK Rhythm of Grace!

Combining the Rhythms of Heaven and Earth – to a Place Near You!    John’s gift for networking and facilitating musical projects with other creative heads have taken off through his “JK Rhythm of Grace” Drum Clinics with Spontaneous Musical Prayer Jams.  His niche combines humourous vignettes of wisdom, musical prayer declarations with stress relieving drumming and percussion.    As you follow JK you will be uplifted through his gift for creating a flow in spontaneous music, prayer, musical jams and coaching.  He is inspiring, anointed and is activating many musicians and creative artists – young and old.  Giving them purpose to use their gifts, an outlet to work together and communicate the heart of God.

His Musical Gatherings are open to all musicians, creative artists with a heart to create spontaneous music.

In 2003 John and his wife formed their non-profit, Canada Revenue Approved Register Charity “Ministry of Role Modeling the Spirit of Excellence”.  AKA “Spirit of Excellence” has been deemed a “Non-profit Philanthropic Seminary of Learning”.  They combine training workshops and classes ranging from spontaneous prayer with music, creative arts, flag dance, sewing, fashion, image improvement with a beauty school.

Now 2020 – 35 years later they are still married and on an adventure together, standing the test of time – moving forward with a greater passion and grace than ever.    “Spirit of Excellence”  is a product of the Kosti’s 25 year vision  where John’s passion is to see young people, musicians and creative artists encouraged and developed in their talents and to provide for them the opportunities to create original music, places to activate and grow their strengths and have a means of inspiration from other experienced legends and experts.


(Created with @Magisto)