Learn to love your body, flaws and all.

Yes, I know…But I have, But I am, But I don’t have, But I can’t…
No matter what style or dressing issues you have they can be overcome. First, you need to know what suits you and then you can work around the issues you have.

I am starting to share my Image and Personal Style tips again!  During this downtime I have more time and love fashion stylizing – showing men and women their best Wardrobe styles that enhance their body shapes!

I am a certified Image Consultant, graduate of Joanne Wallace Image Improvement Institute in Harrisburg, PA. since 1991.   I am now registered with Image Innovators The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) in Australlia.  I have styled many men and women from all over the world – some in India, Greece, Paris, USA and in our region of Ontario Canada

What Is an Image Consultant?  

Image consultants are trained to help you look your very best and they can teach you style and dressing skills you haven’t yet thought of. We can revamp your style, reboot your wardrobe and take you shopping. Valuable skills to learn for every woman.

Comment ‘Let’s Talk’ below and I’ll message you to arrange a time to chat.

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I have a special coupon code CORONAVIRUS at this time of quiet we are all experiencing during the Corona Virus – since we are all at home this virtual Wardrobe & Style online program is perfect and easy to use.  It creates a personal profile for shopping and selecting the correct styles for your figure proportions.   Your Personal Style Consultation will discover Your Ideal Silhouette and create a personal profile in your own account online that you may print out and use for selecting Your Ideal lines and designs in clothing, coats, shoes, and accessories!

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If you’d like to have some fun with discovering your personality style in dressing You can also access for free,  What’s My Personality in Dressing? quiz here at:  https://colleenkosti.myprivatestylist.com/your-style-expression/

You can also message me in the contact page – feel free to ask your Fashion questions!

Here is to your ideal silhouette and fun with fashion and looking forward to hearing from you!