We just love bringing you new stories that are surrounded by our love of beauty –  spirit, soul and body.

March Modeling Lessons

Join the QUEST MODELLING SCHOOL today - lessons will be in person as the lockdown lifts, with social distancing, and limited to 8 participants. QUEST serves all ages – and diverse ethnic groups.

Visit our Shop – Now open by appointment

Here is Ziggy-Mae showing a few items in our Shop! We are all about creativity and make all types of products. From organic skin care and makeup, to hand painted silk scarfs and garments! The SHOP is now open, best to make an appointment and you will enjoy the visit and shopping all these unique gift items.

Nail Talk

Join me for my Nail Talk on FB live using #Zoom.  It's so easy to learn here at KBI - we are experts in technology and teaching women how to break barriers and fear in using social media, and technology!  Here I am showing my newest Gel Nail Polish in these magnetic Cat Eye effect.

Number One Figure – Do

Learn to love your body, flaws and all. Yes, I know...But I have, But I am, But I don't have, But I can't... No matter what style or dressing issues you have they can be overcome. First, you need to know what suits you and then you can work around the issues you have. I am starting to share my Image and Personal Style tips again!  During this downtime I have more time and love fashion stylizing - showing men and women their best styles...