We just love bringing you new stories that are surrounded by our love of beauty –  spirit, soul and body.

My Story – How I Started in the World of Beauty

I do Beauty with a Purpose - a very powerful purpose of bringing women to know their purpose, their creator and be all they can be to experience joy, purpose and live a fulfilled life! I started this amazing journey nearly 40 years ago! Here is a short version of how I started in the wonderful world of Beauty.  Another time I will share more...tune back to hear more snippets.  

Why I Create with Silk – My Silk Showcase Collection

I personally love the flow and feel of working with silk.  I paint it because it takes the colour instantly and allows the paint to spread and flow showing the depths and richness and blends of one shade mixing with another.  It takes on shape and vivid shades, very easily and with a water colour effect.

BOMBS – Breakthrough of Ministry Beauty School

Together we can reach hundreds of thousands more women giving them a hand to break into their destiny! We need 100 monthly supporters giving $30 monthly and we will take in women waiting to attend our Breakthrough of Ministry Beauty School here we offer freely

Warriors Wear Red – Help for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a $32 Billion a year industry. That's $7 billion dollars more than McDonalds made last year. The Warriors Wear Red Campaign was designed out of a growing identified need of Women in our communities that connected with us and are survivors of Human Trafficking. We asked our selves “What is next? Now that these Women have broken free where do they go from here?”