Colleen Kosti The founding director of Spirit of Excellence has been fighting the good fight of faith with a severe medical condition. As a result we must temporarily suspend most operations add our ministry in addition to Kosti Beauty Institute. We are trusting and praying for a miracle in her situation and will keep everyone posted as to what the future holds.

                                                                                                     John G Kosti
                                                                                                                   co founder

Creating Lives of Excellence

We have been a Canada Revenue Approved Registered Charitable Seminary of Learning since 2007
We have been Professional Beauty Educators since 1979 – Raising the Standard in Excellence and Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

We guide participants by enhancing their vision for dreaming their dreams and then providing them the resources and mentorship to accomplish them and uniting them with global opportunities for their future.
Our main avenues we flow in and tools we use are Musical, Personal Image, Modeling, Fashion, Beauty, and Creative Social Enterprise

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Blogs that center around enhancing your beauty, body, spirit and soul.

Let’s Get Creative!

I am excited to be stirring up more creativity by offering our Sewing Workshops 2 days monthly, in the connecting White Room in the Water's Edge Event Centre right next to us. This is spacious for social distancing and great atmosphere to inspire creativity! Join us and release your creativity! We'll help you perfect your sewing skills, or if you are a beginner - we will show you all the tricks and how-to's!

Nail Talk

Join me for my Nail Talk on FB live using #Zoom.  It's so easy to learn here at KBI - we are experts in technology and teaching women how to break barriers and fear in using social media, and technology!  Here I am showing my newest Gel Nail Polish in these magnetic Cat Eye effect.

Number One Figure – Do

Learn to love your body, flaws and all. Yes, I know...But I have, But I am, But I don't have, But I can't... No matter what style or dressing issues you have they can be overcome. First, you need to know what suits you and then you can work around the issues you have. I am starting to share my Image and Personal Style tips again!  During this downtime I have more time and love fashion stylizing - showing men and women their best styles...

“It has been my pleasure to work with Colleen and John Kosti through Spirit of Excellence. Their dedication to improving the lives of children and adults is really inspiring. The QUEST program gives teenaged girls and young women a great grounding in caring for themselves physically, spiritually and socially.”

Carol Dudlets, Retired Windsor Elementary School Teacher

“The Kosti’s have taken an art form and made it their ministry, their mission. They have established themselves and set,
themselves apart by working on not only the outside person
but the interior one. Their ability to do outreach
through their gifting is astounding.

Prophet Tom Hayden, Breakthrough Worship Ministries, USA

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Discover your potential at Spirit of Excellence Creativity Training Centre. Let us guide you to path of success.

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