Men of Style

Purposeful dressing means making each day count in not just what you do but how you look. Your appearance is your visual resume and it will attract or repel opportunities of all kinds. Need to up your Style Game? Men of Style will polish your image and the how to's and have MORE PRESENCE...MORE CONFIDENCE...MORE COMMAND...


QUEST Modeling School

QUEST facilitators are experts in building your confidence as we coach you and improve your visual poise and posture. Develop your walk to be confident and smooth you will feel like a Model! As you learn how to be your very best - just like a Model, you will gain confidence to embrace your own personal style and body image as we build your core center and strengthen your body to walk smoothly, know how to do runway and pose for photography shoots. 1.5 hour Lessons or join the 6 week Modeling School


QUEST Etiquette Manners and Personal Image

QUEST Table Manners and etiquette workshop is designed to empower children, teens and adults wishing to improve and develop strong social skills that will transform them into leaders of tomorrow. The QUEST message instills confidence and self esteem, helping youth to discover their potential through etiquette & manners training. This is a 4 hour Workshop with "Learning Dinner" in the beautiful, newly renovated “White Room” at The Water’s Edge for a interactive Mealtime Manners, Table setting and Posture training. QUEST also provides customized private and group lessons and presentations by request in business etiquette, body language, personal style and image improvement.


QUEST Teen Girls Inner & Outer Beauty

Teen girls are looking to have fun, and discover themselves, in a safe, and confident environment. They grow as they learn to embrace their own unique individuality, body image and beauty. Positive, new friendships are developed, as each class instructs in repeated fundamental skills, within the different themes of Creative Arts, Beauty and Leadership activities which is engaging and fun for the girls.


More Precious Than Silver Pre-Teen Girls

This program is a faith-based, leadership program for girls. It promotes beauty on the inside as well as outside for all girls aged 8 to 12. They will discover their personal value, develop confidence, as they grow in social etiquette and positive friendships. They will enoy fun, creative lessons building character, personal grooming tips on their nails, skin, and table manner tea parties, health and fitness with flags and streamer dance.


Creative Movement with Flags

Flag Twirling is a beautiful art form and creative method of relieving stress, experiencing healing Spirit - Soul - Body, and enhancing personal expression as we lift up the Banners unto the Lord Jehovah Nissi - the Lord is our Banner! Enhancing our Spirit - Soul - Body, which brings joy and enriches a life of worship, fitness, teamwork while developing personal expression.