Project Description

Urban Missionary, versatile drummer, humorous communicator, minister, loving husband and grand-father of 7.

John started drumming at 18. He studied under several famous drum instructors locally in Windsor, then began teaching drums 30 years ago and is a much sought-after drum teacher. But he seeks to follow his love as a performer on the stage by being a member of several local bands and working with other musicians.

John began the musical children’s programs at SOE with drum circles for boys, encouraging disciplines in rhythms, concentration and social skill development. His gift for networking and facilitating musical projects with other creative heads will be taking off through his drum clinics Rhythm of Grace.

John’s passion is to see young people, musicians and creative artists encouraged and developed in their talents and to provide for them the opportunities to create original music, places to activate and grow their strengths and have a means of inspiration from other experienced legends and experts.

John has gracefully retired from his full-time position outside of Spirit of Excellence, to now be free to take up the mantle of leading the Ministry of Role Modeling the Spirit of Excellence and each of the divisions such as the new Rhythm of Grace and Worship Arts Institute. As we move into a NEW SEASON of EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!

  1. We look forward with great expectation to the impact he will make in every facet of all areas, and to his increased presence to motivate one and all to achieve our full potential of EXCELLENCE! As well as teaching drums, Mr. Kosti is in the creative discovery stage of implementing a potential variety of Mens and Musicians Programming including Worship/Prayer Jam Session and gathering collaborating with other musicians, young and old! If you are interested in taking part, please contact him directly to explore the potential of participating! John and his wife Colleen work with artists and professionals locally and globally to inspire a lifestyle of excellence. John and Colleen’s unique and creative hands-on teaching gift provides a safe and confidence building atmosphere for musicians, men, women, children, youth, and creative artists from all walks of life and ages to discover their unique God-given creativity and grow in their leadership skills to impact and bring community transformation. SOE mandate is to provide the opportunities and resources for Raising Leaders from all walks of life and circumstances. As they are trained as Leaders with an Excellent spirit, they will become favoured for positions of leadership and influence – becoming world changers and History Makers. SOE provides these opportunities freely to children and youth that need support to attend SOE Creativity Training Centre with Leadership, Life Skills, Musical & Arts based programs and low-cost tuition classes and workshops.
  • John Kosti – Available for Your Group or Special Event
  • Interactive Creative Clinics – Therapeutic Stress Relieving Drum Sessions
  • Drums, Percussion, Cajon
  • Lessons – Performances – Band for Your Event
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Musical Coaching – Collaborative Musical Jam
  • Studio Work

Worship Prayer Jam 

2 hours
‘Worship Prayer Jam’ for those wanting to be musically creative in a setting that allows collaborative, experimentation. A spontaneous flow of Instrumental music, scripture declarations, intertwined with prayer, it is an amazing gathering of fellowship and God’s presence. Worship Prayer Jams may include expressive art, silk painting, scripture reading, worshiping God with waving flags, creative movement and dance. You are welcome to bring an instrument and most importantly a heart open to the Lord

Stress Relieving Drum Therapeutic Session

1 hour
Relieve your stress, with this therapeutic interactive drumming session. One-hour session is set up with 2 drum sets for interactive rhythms led by your professional instructor John Kosti of JK Rhythm of Grace – President of Spirit of Excellence and director of WAI. You will benefit as an adult needing stress relief, or as a parent and child, or chid alone. All may find great benefits of the healing beats of percussion and rhythms – releasing your tensions, refreshing your spirit.

Drum Lesson

30 minutes
Private drum lessons with experienced educator and professional drummer John Kosti. Stress Relief Drumming – Clinics – Music Genres Private Lessons – Individually tailored to the needs and skill level of each student.

Drum Lesson 1 hour

1 hour

Parent & Child Drum Session

1 hour
With this interactive drumming activity, parent and child learn the basics of percussion together to form a fun bonding, fun relationship. Sessions are set up for one-hour session with a parent and 1 child with your host John Kosti. May facilitate 3 parents and 3 children at once session $30 for 60 minutes.

Rhythm of Grace Drum Circle Party-Outing

1 hour 30 minutes
Book your own Birthday Party or Outing here at JK RHYTHM OF GRACE DRUM CLINICS! $125 for your event group of 6, over 6 is additional $10 per person
At our music studio – take home party bag or craft.

Stress Relief Drumming 

30 minutes
Private drum lessons with experienced educator and professional drummer John Kosti. Stress Relief Drumming – Clinics – Music Genres Private Lessons – This session is therapeutic and individually tailored to the needs and skill level of each student.
  2. SPEAKING & Ministry on beauty and self-esteem, Nail Artistry, Ministry through Beauty
  10. FASHION STYLE: best colours for clothing, cosmetics, hair and accessories
  11. WARDROBE BUILDING: build a wardrobe with only 8 pieces of clothing, pack it right-pack it light and more…