Project Description


Using Unique, Interactive Beauty and Fashion Workshops, Lives are Inspired and motivated to Discover Their Potential! We offer several types of Women Beauty; Fashion Style Workshops and Flag Workshops. The Flag Workshops are suitable for both men and women, young adults and kids audiences! All ages enjoy participation and performances with the Flag Company.

Please pre-select your theme, speaking topic (for Colleen Kosti) or services from the following ideas and Unique Beauty / Worship Workshop outlines…anything is possible! We specialize in customizing and creating to meet the need of the individuals and groups! So please feel free to share your thoughts and what you are looking for or to do for your Special Event!

1.      Attend a Beauty Event here, or schedule to bring your group here for your own event.
You will enjoy a time of pampering, beauty tips  and refreshments.
We offer weekly/month Beauty Events.
2.      Group and personal Makeup Lessons.
3.      Beauty Services may be scheduled when we have the KOSTI BEAUTY INSTITUTE practical clinics offering service appointments
4.      Enrolment in our KBI Professional and Healing Beauty School
5.      Director Colleen Kosti may be scheduled for her Expertise in Makeovers, Personal Styling, Wardrobe and Figure Proportion Analysis, and consulting.
6.      SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE FLAG COMPANY has performed at over 250 community events locally and abroad.  Workshops and performance engagements may be booked to come to your organization community event, to entertain and offer hands on, interactive participation all ages will enjoy.

Each GIRLS NIGHT OUT will have a new theme:
·        Your Fashion & Personality Style in Dressing to make better choices for your wardrobe & also
·        Get measured for Figure Analysis & receive a head-to-toe Personalized Consult
·        Mini Makeup lessons
·        Mini-Facelift Facials
·        Makeup Focus on Eyes: brows, liner, shadow looks.
·        Gel Mani’s w/BIO SEAWEED the Healthier Nail Service!
·        Silk scarf making
·        Creative Movement Workshop with flags or streamers

  2. SPEAKING & Ministry on beauty and self-esteem, Nail Artistry, Ministry through Beauty
  10. FASHION STYLE: best colours for clothing, cosmetics, hair and accessories
  11. WARDROBE BUILDING: build a wardrobe with only 8 pieces of clothing, pack it right-pack it light and more…

a) “You Are Creative-You Are Beautiful” Silk Scarf Painting
This theme is a Ladies Silk Painting Scarf, Streamer, Flag Making Workshop (can include a lesson on Posture, Poise, Confidence Building and Modeling tips for the Fashion Show)
Silk Painting Flag, Streamer and Scarf Making is available for small and large groups. It is very uplifting, lots of fun and even therapeutic for women of all ages as they discover how creative they are, as we are all made in the Image of God the Master Artisan and Creator of All Beautiful Things Ephesians 2:10 read more

b) ‘What’s My Colour Palette?” My Best Colours Beauty & Style Analysis’:
Colour Analysis is a process by which your natural colouring can be identified. Knowing your best colours will help you to choose the colours that will bring out the best in your overall image, wardrobe and cosmetics!
Colour Analysis helps YOU TO BE SEEN – not your clothes, hair or makeup! Your clothes will no longer walk into the room first, they will harmonize with your total image to make your face and eyes stand out and create a lasting impression on those they meet.

c) Custom Blend Mini-Makeup lesson
We bring samples of the KBI brand of professionally manufactured Cosmetics. They contain all natural, healing ingredients and are organic, vegan and custom blended created by Expert Makeup Artist and Founder Colleen Kosti. For more than 3 decades she has been custom blending foundations to perfectly match and enhance women’s skin tones. Customized and perfectly matching shades may be blended in mineral powders, eyeshadows, foundations, and lipsticks at the Custom Beauty Blending Bar!

d) “Personality Style and Dressing” this is a fun, and easy quiz on paper with a Media Project Show, final analysis sheet is given to each woman after they complete their Fashion Quiz. This will help women understand their own personal style in dressing and how to choose what fabrics, and fashion styles are their personal tastes for their garments.

e) Beauty of Holiness Praise Movement Workshop: This is an interactive – sit and watch or participate Teaching Workshop.
Worship Minister Colleen Kosti is a certified Worship and Dance, Flag, Tambourine Instructor with Masters certification in Manhattan, New York, from Shahach Ministries International where she was trained in Dallas Texas beginning in 1991 and completing certification in 1999, and Dancing for Him Ministries, Florida.