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Visit our Shop – Now open by appointment

Here is Ziggy-Mae showing a few items in our Shop! We are all about creativity and make all types of products. From organic skin care and makeup, to hand painted silk scarfs and garments! The SHOP is now open, best to make an appointment and you will enjoy the visit and shopping all these unique gift items.

Corona Virus Message from Colleen

I pray you are doing well and not worrying during this time of social distancing due to the Corona Virus. Seems much of the country is in a panic and worried about Covid-19. While we of course should be smart and practical by adhearing to intelligent suggestions (washing hands frequently, not touching our faces, staying out of large crowds, etc.), but we don't need to live in fear. How do we do that?

PinkaBoo Lipstick Reveal and How Beauty Rescues Women

Human trafficking is a $32 Billion a year industry. That's $7 billion dollars more than McDonalds made last year. JOIN WITH US AND OTHERS AS WARRIORS TODAY! We can use Beauty for a Purpose - it is fun - inspiring and creative!  KBI's lipsticks and cosmetic blending bar is a social enterprise supporting rescued women.