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Why I Create with Silk – My Silk Showcase Collection

I personally love the flow and feel of working with silk.  I paint it because it takes the colour instantly and allows the paint to spread and flow showing the depths and richness and blends of one shade mixing with another.  It takes on shape and vivid shades, very easily and with a water colour effect.

Teen Makeup Classes ~ Christmas Gift Package

Unique Teen Gift for Your Princess (certificate from Kosti Beauty Institute) Building self-esteem, personal skills, confidence and friendships! She’ll learn so many Teen Makeup Artistry Tips to build her confidence and self-esteem: healthy skin care, natural foundation, contouring, her best colours & eyebrow shaping.

Teen Makeup Tips

Whether you’re just starting to experiment with makeup, or have already been using it for a few years, there’s still plenty to learn. As a teen, the type of makeup you use can also make a significant difference in the condition of your skin by managing common skin problems in teens, such as acne. Follow these tips for flawless, age appropriate makeup application.

Store Fun

We haven’t started up the regular Saturday programs yet, so we are still setting up our Creative Arts Store.