Teen Girls Workshops

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Project Description

Sharing the life stories of historical role models, community leaders instill valuable lessons and Treasures of Wisdom for all to benefit from!   QUEST School was first named after Queen Esther – a Historical woman who made history and her wisdom in etiquette and gaining favour are modeled throughout the training. Queen Esther came from humble circumstances to become one of the most celebrated Queens of her day. While Queen, she used her leadership ability to courageously intervene on behalf of her people and rescue them from tragedy.

The QUEST (formerly the Queen Esther School of Excellence is dedicated to helping participants discover their own leadership skills and to use the greatness they discover within to help transform the world around them. Professional model, etiquette and manners expert Colleen Kosti wrote the curriculum since her first days in the professional modeling industry, and as instructor at Ezio’s Modeling School and Austen’s Modeling Agency.

Founder Colleen Kosti discovered the need for confidence and self-esteem building skills to be instill in this industry as it was very competitive and many of the young girls lost their self-confidence as they had to compete with one another. In 1980 she began her own School of Role Modeling to help girls discover themselves and stand out with excellence through their own beauty and individuality. She knew the importance of stressing personal improvement, spiritual guidance, leadership & skill development. Her focus in the QES is to build a polished personal and professional image, confidence, good character, positive friendships & servant leadership.

  • In the Young Womens’ and Girls’ QUEST – Leadership skills are taught through projects and activities that captivate and interest young girls such as sewing, dance, art, personal grooming, wardrobe, nail care & artistry, community volunteerism, fitness and more! A Girl’s Night Out (GNO), pool party and bar-b-q is the setting for renewed purpose, friendships, and spiritual strengthening.
  • Self-esteem is built as girls discover their body type through figure analysis and how to create an ideal silhouette through appropriate wardrobe selection and practice their expertise with a sponsored shopping spree!
  • Parents throughout the world have the same dream, to see their children lead a life that is filled with opportunity and happiness.

Pre-Teen & Young Women’s QUEST Course Schedule
Pre-register to attend the 6 month certificate course and attend the QES once a month Special Workshop on your scheduled day and come once a week after-school or Saturday for the Young Womens’ or Young Mens’ QUEST class, to get together with their new friends and other Role Models of Excellence to practice their new skills, do crafts and re-enforcing activities, practice their runway, poise, manners, conversation skills, eat healthy snacks and enjoy a positive social time together.

QUEST School is completed through attending 6 months of skill developing workshops with 18 weekly fun, practicum classes. After each workshop stimulative sessions will be conducted to reinforce skills learned and to interact with new friends and peers.

Successful graduates will be awarded a CERTIFICATE stating all the leadership & personal improvement skills they have learned, and they will participate in the final QE Fashion Show Gala ‘Beauty for Charity Role Models of Excellence’ fund-raiser event to benefit girls in need.

QUEST Online School is also available for group of friends who come together at one home or place for live online class with Founder Colleen Kosti to enjoy QUEST from anywhere you are. Activity packs and beauty kits are purchased so everyone can join in the fun and learn these wonderful skills.

As a parent, are you seeking opportunities for your child to build his or her confidence in a safe learning environment?

  • Are you preparing for a job or school entrance interview?
  • Have you landed a new job and want to make a good first impression?
  • Are you looking to feeling more comfortable in social settings?
  • Are you nervous about an upcoming dinner and how to make small talk with complete strangers?
  • Do you wonder about social media etiquette at work and at home?
  • Do you get nervous about etiquette during multicultural gatherings?
  • Is your body language telling your story?
  • Is lack of confidence holding you back?
  • What is your personal image do you dress for success?
  2. SPEAKING & Ministry on beauty and self-esteem, Nail Artistry, Ministry through Beauty
  10. FASHION STYLE: best colours for clothing, cosmetics, hair and accessories
  11. WARDROBE BUILDING: build a wardrobe with only 8 pieces of clothing, pack it right-pack it light and more…