What is your best match

Jackie is a great model for this makeover!  She is 62, and really didn’t know how to minimize lines and enhance her natural beauty!  But simply using the Moisture Wear Custom Blended Foundation, added such a glow and smoothness to her skin – this alone was amazing!  Then once determining her best colours with the golden undertone, her complexion lit up as we chose her warm, rich, autumn palette of colours for her cosmetics.

The single-step Copper Shadow Bronzer is a neutral, yet wonderful eye opening eyeshadow for her to use.    Simple yet rich hue for her colouring.  The tip to minimize lines is to use moisture rich foundation, and have it blended to your exact shade and then I tone it with a colour corrector for the complexion!  This secret softened her skin tone, smoothened, and brightened her colouring!

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