It was a really fun day at SOE today!

We haven’t started up all the regular Saturday programs yet, so we are still setting up everything – such as the new expanded SOE Creative Arts Store. It really needed an overhaul and reorganization day!

This week we had a surprise donation – but I had already prayed thinking “Lord – I really need more store merchandising space – how do I put more things in our store without more wall grids?!!” But I wasn’t able to order any – and then the following week – last week I received a phone call from good friend! He said he had the 2 – 8 foot ballet bars now ready for pick up! Which I had forgotten about – but we still need those! They are an amazing, expensive find usually! Free standing ballet barre’s – with a high and low bar on them!! I’ll talk more about them another day, in another blog!

So then he happened to mention that he also had some extra merchandising grids with hooks and a few shelves – they needed to clear out too and if we wanted those????? YES – I SAID YES – I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE – WE HAVE 2 AND NEEDED MORE!! Sharing how just the previous week I HAD BREATHED A QUICK PRAYER to the Lord asking for more!! And here they were!

So dear Carol drove her husband Mike’s truck out there and picked them up! There were 4 more, 6 foot tall black wall grids, with strong stands for using to freestand – or for our market and craft show events – matching perfectly the 2 we have already in the store!!

Part of what we believe in doing here at SOE is raising up Young Leaders – and a long time attendee (about 10 years of her life) Chaila – has offered to keep on coming and getting in her school community service hours here at SOE! As a 14 year old – it’s really important to have a good, safe place to hang out at and be activated in their natural abilities and refine and build up the other important team and leadership skills! SOELIT – Spirit of Excellence Leaders in Training program was awarded in 2007 – 2010 an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant in the amount of $75,000 for this SOELIT program I developed – simply kinda by the growing need that arose! All the SOE kids kept asking “how long can we keep coming for?” “What age do we have to stop coming to SOE Mrs. Kosti?”… I said no why should they have to stop coming!! So I developed SOELIT – a continuing youth leadership, peer mentorship fun, and activating their leadership skills!! And we put them to work at SOE – helping here with the younger kids, or working in the store, or cleaning up from a class, yet not all alone – under the assistance and mentorship of myself or our teacher mentors.

So here we are – a Saturday in the SOE STORE with SOELIT NATURALLY HAPPENING!! Hope you enjoy this fun little blooper video we made! When Chaila was putting up the POP sun hats on the merchandising grids………this is what happened!! haha it was so funny!!!

Enjoy this blooper video on POP-UP SUN HATS AND CHAILA’S Jack in the Box :)