I personally love the flow and feel of working with silk.  I paint it because it takes the colour instantly and allows the paint to spread and flow showing the depths and richness and blends of one shade mixing with another.  It takes on shape and form very easily and with a water colour effect.


It’s naturally hypoallergenic (the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics), and is completely non-toxic. This means that neither the production of silk nor the breakdown of the fiber release toxins into the environment, and the fiber contains no toxins in it’s makeup making it totally safe to wear.

Silk retains moisture without feeling damp, so it’s able to efficiently cool skin in the summer.
It’s also thermally stable, meaning it provides insulation in the winter. It has a natural elasticity, allowing it to stretch without breaking.

HOW IT’S MADE:   Silk is a Raw Material.  Silk fabric is made from silk fibers, a product of the silk-worm.  It’s a very organic, raw product which lasts years when it is a high quality process.


LUSTRE:  The lustre of the expensive silk is the result from combining threads of different single colors in each of the weft and wrap. These make the surface shine and appear to change color as the angle of light on it changes. Put your silk shirt up to the light and see how it reflects differently to other silk products.    For cooler weather seasons I choose to paint and create garments with Silk Wool Blend.  This mixture creates a warmth in the fabric, without loosing the creative blending of the colours when I paint.


A more expensive silk goes through a special treatment before it is ready to be used. Sand-washing is one of the natural garment washing processes – it makes the fabric more wrinkle-resistant and provides a better hand feel. You can immediately tell the difference once silk has gone through sand washing by the increase in shine and color!

Sometimes, brands will use fabrics that are blended with polyester. By doing so, they can lower the prices as they use less silk. However, polyester is a harsh fabric and reduces the soft natural feel of silk, not to mention it’s a material that’s harmful to the environment! Make sure you’re shopping for 100% silk to get the true quality and feel you deserve.

The silk momme (a unit of measurement for silk fabrics weight) reflects the price and quality. Higher momme weights equal higher quality silk.

High heat hurts Natural Fibers. Silk cloth should be hung or laid out flat to dry. if you find the need to iron it, be sure to avoid scorching temperatures. Use a warm iron while your Silk product is still a bit damp, and you will get the best results.


I am inspired as I worship in my personal times.  I envision items of beauty, colour and texture – all create an atmosphere inspiring me to give honour and esteem to my Creator!  The Master Designer Creator!   He is a author of all beauty, and creations.  I want to be wrapped in HIS presence.  I feel His love and value towards me.  I enjoy creating these silk hand painted items in hopes they may help others to sense HIS presence, and His value on us.

One of my favourite scripture is Isaiah 61:3  “I will give you beauty for ashes and garments of praise. You shall be adorned with My righteousness and holiness shall be upon your shoulders.”     I like to create beautiful, garments which remind me of, and make me feel like a child of The King of KINGS – whom we worship and honour in every way we can and are able to!   I create these garments to be adorned with a symbolic representation, and garment of honour and to remind us of HIS Holiness.

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