Oooh, This is lovely, look at the color, it feels so nice, and it’s a great price…I’m going to try this one on.

In the fitting room, it’s every bit as good on your as you had hoped, and you head for the checkout.

Hang on a second…

Have you read the label? Does it say ‘dry clean only’ or ‘hand wash’? Will you adhere to the instructions?

If not, this item may not be a good purchase.

In most cases caring for the garment as the label suggests is the only way the garment will maintain its look and last several seasons. To buy it and then toss it into the wash if the label recommends hand-wash or dry clean only will be a waste of your hard earned money.

Have you made errors like this in the past?

Do you have items sitting in your closet you seldom or never wear?

Do you struggle to find clothes that suit you or you like?

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