Relationship Mantle

Relationship Mantle


Relationship Mantle – Prophetic

Standard plus size, “88 X 14″with fringe and red, glass hand-sewn round bead accents.


This mantle was a pleasant unexpected surprise. The Lord ushered in, unannounced to us a prophetic mantle that specifically deals with relationships. This white silk piece drips with an anointing for healing, restoration and recuperation of all things relational.

We live in a day and a season where we are more connected than ever through electronics but human touch is absent. So often in exploring our world around us we forget the basics of relationships. This mantle will bring you back to that place.

By its very nature this mantle is not offensive. It’s not aggressive color wise but simple and natural. It evokes feelings of sand and wind. This piece is is meant to be worn as an accessory or a ministry piece for oneself or a couple.

This is not a banner or a flag to be waved but to be worn and embraced by its owner.
If your relationship needs mending, you’ll want to order this one.

Additional information


88" length by14" wide plus fringe


red, glass, hand sewn bead accents


rich, creamy, fringe trimmed ends


100% silk, made in china, 8mm


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