Swing Flags are the newest favourite – many have not experienced using them yet!

They have no rod – and are a large, medium piece of silk with a weighted chain cord sewn into one or 2 edges, depending on the size and shape of the flag.  This weighted cord is hidden in the seam and yet when you begin to swing the flag it works like a rod to expand and open up the flag and keep it open as long as you are moving the flag/s.  They are great for travelling and keeping your flags with you everywhere.

They are fast twirling and similar flag movements can be done with very little practice.

They come in the following sizes, and pricing below is for a pair of 2 same flags:

  • Large:  44″ x 47″        $145 Canadian $ no tax
  • Medium:  39″ x 43″  $120 Canadian $ no tax
  • Small:  28″ x 35″       $ 85  Canadian $ no tax
  • Extra Large:  50″ x 54″  $185.00 Canadian $ no tax

8mm is the weight for my Swing Flags, hand painted or solid silks are available…….write colour choice in comments at checkout.