Hand Painted Garments Customizable

Director and Innovative Artist, Brand creator Colleen Kosti started painting at a young age in visual art mediums.  She then began her line of hand painted Garments and scarfs, then created her Cosmetic line since the early 1980’s, and then her line of clothing garments.  She would create her beautiful hand painted scarfs, to be given as thank you gifts to our sponsors for supporting the children and at risk teen girls programs at SOE.

These unique, one of a kind garments became an amazing collection of silks, shirts, women’s dresses, all Hand Painted and Dyed Silks, and Silk Knits.   You may contact her for custom combinations and patterns in her line.

Spirit of Excellence is all about creating, entrepreneurship, leadership, expressive worship, discovering your potential, and breaking into your destiny!! SOE is creating unique collections of our products continuously and providing resources for mentorship in creativity, beauty ministry, leadership and more! Your shopping supports SOE core programming, outreach events, and healthy meals and programming for children, youth, women and other creative artists to attend SOE and Discover their Potential and get the training and supplies they need to Realize their Destiny!

All pricing is NOW in Canadian dollars. So if you are in USA and an item is $10 Canadian will cost approximately $7.50 usd

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