It’s all about the bling!

NOW AVAILABLE in Kosti Beauty Store…..Real Swarovski Crystals added to Your Reading Eyeglasses!

I continously have so many ladies ask me where I got my eyeglasses – so I’m now selling Blinged UP reading glasses – or can jewel up your own current glasses! I hate having to wear eyeglasses and now reading glasses……so I jazz them up and now I love them as one of my most complimented accessory!

I’m willing to bling up your glasses too so you can enjoy this beautiful accessory and see the sparkle of these beautiful Swarovski Crystals!
Just go to my store and see the options – but I can do anything – they are permanently attached with special glue – and I only use the real Swarovski Crystals – so they are absolutely gorgeous! They light up your face – and shine with elegance!

For most glasses $25 – $30 USD – check out in my Store now!!