Seasonal Analysis is one of the most popular forms of colour analysis and these tools will help you find the right colours for your wardrobe.

The Male Seasonal colour analysis wallet is a useful item for men.  Every man needs this handy item, which make your shopping an enjoyable, easier experience.  It will assist you in confidently choosing your wardrobe items.

It shows suggested best shades in suit, shirt, tie and accessories in men’s clothing.

All of the seasonal colour analysis wallets contain precision dyed 100% cotton poplin fabric swatches to help you find the most enhancing shades and hues for all your shirts, tie selections, and suit jackets!

To look good naturally, your image and style needs to point to you, not your clothes.

The fashion industry is simplistic on topic of colour, suggesting that we can all wear every colour and look equally good. This is not generally the case: your natural colouring will fight against colours which don’t complement it, resulting in your best features being subdued.

Colour Analysis is a process by which your natural colouring can be identified and is performed by your colour professional.  Expert Stylist Colleen Kosti has been working in fashion and with designers for more than 3 decades!  She will match you with the colours that will bring out the best in your overall image, and wardrobe. You will be educated how to choose your colours wisely.

Your clothes will no longer walk into the room first, they will harmonise with your total image to make you stand out and create a lasting impression on those you meet.

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