February 14, 2020 - 5:05 pm

🙋‍♀️”NAME THE SHADE”: Lipstick Shade Name CONTEST – help us name our KOSTI BEAUTY newest creation!  Check out this new Lipstick blend and post on our Social Media Lipstick photo your lipstick name suggestion.

Contest is running until Feb. 14th 1pm 💄 write the shade name in the photo comment and we will decide upon the winning name for our Spring Lipstick at our Valentine Event ‘EVERYTHING YOU LOVE’ at 1:00pm.  The winner will receive a gift of this exclusively, custom created lipstick – all organic, vegan and lip plumping formula!

Thanks so much 😘 all organic, vegan and hand made Custom Blended Lipsticks and Cosmetics by Beauty Expert Artist Colleen Kosti