November 2, 2020 - 2:30 pm

JOIN VIA OUR LIVE ONLINE CLASS @ :  All are welcome to join (please let us know ahead so we can prepare for you at your experience level) this free try out flag twirling class! SOE’s flag classes are for fitness, developing leadership skills, confidence, creative worship and fun! We experience peace, joy and refreshment Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body as we move with the flowing Banners in silk – Lifting Up the Banner of the Lord!  Coordination, team spirit, dance and performance skills emerge

as flag students are taught to twirl flags and strengthen their muscles. SOE’s flag classes are for everyone, usually ages 10 and up. Some younger, special needs and older youth including adults are encouraged to lift the banners and enjoy this new found uplifting skill!

Students may choose to advance from Intro Flags to the beginner, intermediate, advanced 1 & 2 levels, and join the SOE FLAG COMPANY a unformed team which has performed at more than 200 public events to audiences as large as 40,000 at the Rogers Center, Toronto, and community, church and presentations. All students at every level will perform at the seasonal SOE shows at the Creativity Training Centre.

Beginner to Advanced levels have positive Biblical, faith based instruction in interpretive movements and names with meanings from scripture. Such as Cherubim, Victory, Wing, Rod, and Seraphim. The history of flags and it’s purposes are studied also. Students learn to create and draw their own choreography, and they develop excellence in attitude and flag twirling.

The medal Flag Twirler is earned upon successful completion of the 12-week beginner course.

Assessment, Awards, Certification and promotion to Intermediate Level may be worked on at the student™ own pace and when they are ready assessment appointments are offered several times a year.

  • GUEST TRY-OUT CLASS OUTLINE: (regular Flag Class is 1.5 hours in length with a longer workout instruction lesson and creative leadership skill development)
  • 5 minute warm up & stretch-30 minute flag twirling rudiments
  • 15 worship cool down & flag manual creativity and leadership teaching
  • Must wear loose fitting, long, well covering T-shirt
  • With stretchy loose pant
  • Running or dance shoes

Flag TwirlingFlag TwirlingFlag TwirlingFlag Twirling
Flag TwirlingFlag Twirling


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.