BOMBS ‘Breakthrough of Ministry Beauty School’


It’s hard to believe how fast the year has gone by. It reminds us of how important it is to make every day count and to stay encouraged! We are thankful for all the encouragement and support we receive from those near and far! We love being in the new location here connected to The Water’s Edge and we pray for great blessings upon our landlord – he and his family have been excellent to us. We are so thankful for everyone who has been a part of the first year here!!

We would like to share some of the recent highlights of the last little while which are adding some fresh coals to the fire of what SOE, QUEST and Worship Arts Institute are all about!!

  • Spirit of Excellence has been Raising Up Young Leaders since 2003 officially, formed as a Registered Charity, and we began nearly 4 decades now!
  • We’ve trained thousands of women and young people How to Discover their Potential and ministered to many women who were involved and caught up in the sex trade industries!
  • NOW we are focusing and dropping this new “BOMBS” to positively impact more women and create an empowered, positive future for their families! SOE’s ‘BOMBS’ expansion will raise up and train rescued women from the Sex Trafficking Industry through beauty career training, spiritual healing, discipleship, releasing their creativity and provide mentorship support!
  • Co-Founder and Director Colleen Kosti – is Award Winning Nail and Makeup Expert – already trained thousands of women as Beauty Professionals, since starting her journey teaching at St. Clair College in 1979!
  • NOW it is time to drop the BOMBS (Breakthrough of Ministry Beauty School) – expand and rescue vulnerable women through training them in Beauty, Ministry and BREAKING THEM INTO THEIR NEW LIFE, NEW CAREERS AND NEW FOUND BEAUTY!
  • Your partnership with supporting this ‘BOMBS’ expansion will help hundreds of thousands of vulnerable women become strong, gain Godly wisdom and fulfill God’s will for their livesl!!
  • Let’s join forces together to drop BOMBS (or actually throw some positive Ministry empowered BOMBS – and make a dent in the exploitation of vulnerable young women who may often end up involved and sex trafficked and rescue these women to provide them a future!
  • Together we can reach hundreds of thousands more women and give them a hand to break into their destiny!
  • PARTNER WITH BOMBS TODAY and rescue women to Break Into Their Destiny!!