A method creates the ultimate corrective makeup design

I love and look forward to being creative with my Airbrush services and upcoming course I am teaching!

It’s a beautiful art of airbrushing makeup foundation, blush, custom blending the special foundation colours to contour the facial shape, nose, and jawline. This method creates the ultimate corrective makeup design. tattoo coverage, scars, birthmarks, bridal and makeup applications! It’s much more difficult to do this with regular foundation as it appears heavy and is only suitable for photographs and TV makeup. But with the airbrush it is like magic – light as a whisper…..and looks so invisible until suddenly…….voila – it appears with the perfect amount of coverage and shadowing!!
It the best technique for creating flawless, long lasting, and natural makeup looks! Especially for older women – it conceals the wrinkles and lines.

If you’re interested in being an Airbrush Model and have some great features – please send in your photo – just a head shot close up without makeup on!
Thanks and looking forward to my models sending in their pics!!